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Operators and Matrices

Volume: 10

Year: 2016


Issue: 1 (March, 2016)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
10-01 Roman Drnovšek, Marko Kandić: Ideal-triangularizability and commutators of constant sign 1–13 View View
10-02 C. S. Kubrusly, P. C. M. Vieira, J. Zanni: Powers of posinormal operators 15–27 View View
10-03 In Sung Hwang, An Hyun Kim, Jongrak Lee: A subnormal Toeplitz completion 29–43 View View
10-04 M. Bendaoud, A. Benyouness, M. Sarih: Preservers of pseudo spectra of operator Jordan triple products 45–56 View View
10-05 O. A. Veliev: On the spectral singularities and spectrality of the Hill operator 57–71 View View
10-06 Abbas Najati, M. Mohammadi Saem, P. Găvruţa: Frames and operators in Hilbert C-modules 73–81 View View
10-07 Leonhard Batzke: Generic rank-two perturbations of structured regular matrix pencils 83–112 View View
10-08 Z. Mousavi, F. Mirzapour, M. S. Moslehian: Positive definite solutions of certain nonlinear matrix equations 113–126 View View
10-09 M. C. Câmara, M. T. Malheiro, J. R. Partington: Model spaces and Toeplitz kernels in reflexive Hardy space 127–148 View View
10-10 Dumitru Popa: Multilinear variants of Grothendieck's composition theorem 149–162 View View
10-11 Roksana Słowik, Leon van Wyk: Automorphisms of some structural infinite matrix rings 163–188 View View
10-12 Abdellatif Bourhim, Tarik Jari, Javad Mashreghi: Peripheral local spectrum preservers and maps increasing the local spectral radius 189–208 View View
10-13 Juliano B. Lima, Ricardo M. Campello de Souza: On the summation of fractional powers of matrices over finite fields 209–221 View View
10-14 Michael Levitin, Marcello Seri: Accumulation of complex eigenvalues of an indefinite Sturm-Liouville operator with a shifted Coulomb potential 223–245 View View
Issue: 2 (June, 2016)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
10-15 Marcus Waurick: On the homogenization of partial integro-differential-algebraic equations 247–283 View View
10-16 Ben Wallis: Closed ideals in ℒ(X) and ℒ(X*) when X contains certain copies of p and c0 285–318 View View
10-17 Belal Abdullah, Trieu Le: The structure of m-isometric weighted shift operators 319–334 View View
10-18 Chaoqun Chen, Fangyan Lu: Nonlinear maps preserving higher-dimensional numerical range of skew Lie product of operators 335–344 View View
10-19 Dong Han, Feng Wei: Multiplicative Lie higher derivations of unital algebras with idempotents 345–377 View View
10-20 Weijuan Shi, Guoxing Ji: Additive maps preserving m-normal eigenvalues on ℬ(ℋ) 379–387 View View
10-21 Hongliang Zuo, Masatoshi Fujii, Junichi Fujii, Yuki Seo: Singular value inequalities related to the Audenaert-Zhan inequality 389–395 View View
10-22 Il Ju An, Eungil Ko: Note on some operator equations and local spectral properties 397–417 View View
10-23 György Pál Gehér: Bilateral weighted shift operators similar to normal operators 419–423 View View
10-24 Changjing Li, Fangyan Lu: 2-local Lie isomorphisms of nest algebras 425–434 View View
10-25 Julian P. Großmann: Finite rank perturbations and solutions to the operator Riccati equation 435–451 View View
10-26 Mohammad Sababheh: Log and harmonically log-convex functions related to matrix norms 453–465 View View
10-27 Bernhard Burgstaller: Inverse semigroup equivariant KK-theory and C*-extensions 467–484 View View
10-28 Yu Wang: On functional identities of degree 2 and centralizing maps in triangular rings 485–499 View View
Issue: 3 (September, 2016)
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10-29 Birgit Jacob, Matthias Langer, Carsten Trunk: Variational principles for self-adjoint operator functions arising from second-order systems 501–531 View View
10-30 Tina Rudolf: Sequences of k-reflexivity defects 533–538 View View
10-31 Sk. Safique Ahmad, Volker Mehrmann: Backward errors and pseudospectra for structured nonlinear eigenvalue problems 539–556 View View
10-32 Junli Shen, Alatancang Chen: Spectral properties of k-quasi-*-n-paranormal operators 557–566 View View
10-33 Olavi Nevanlinna: Polynomial as a new variable - a Banach algebra with a functional calculus 567–592 View View
10-34 J. Abderramán Marrero, V. Tomeo: Arrowhead operators on a Hilbert space 593–609 View View
10-35 Sheng Chen, Yunbo Tian: On the singular vectors of the generalized Lyapunov operator 611–624 View View
10-36 Jon P. Bannon, Eli Bashwinger, Mohammad Javaheri: The correlation numerical range and trace-positive complex polynomials 625–630 View View
10-37 Sen Zhu: On the structure of skew symmetric operators 631–641 View View
10-38 Sriram Balasubramanian: On the Grüss inequality for unital 2-positive linear maps 643–649 View View
10-39 Mei-Chun Yang, Ji-Jun Ao, Chao Li: Non-self-adjoint fourth-order dissipative operators and the completeness of their eigenfunctions 651–668 View View
10-40 Mohamed Elghaoui, Adlene Ayadi: Algorithm testing for the hypercyclicity of finitely abelian subgroups of GL(n, ℂ) 669–678 View View
10-41 Weihua Li, Stefanos Orfanos: Crossed products and MF algebras 679–689 View View
10-42 Wenjun Zhu, Bin Deng: The existence and the representations for the group inverse of block matrices under some conditions 691–700 View View
10-43 Biljana Vujošević: Inclusion systems of Hilbert modules over the C-algebra of compact operators 701–711 View View
10-44 Paweł Wójcik: The Birkhoff orthogonality in pre-Hilbert C-modules 713–729 View View
10-45 Tomasz Kania, Kent E. Morrison: The trace as an average over the unit sphere of a normed space with a 1-symmetric basis 731–737 View View
Issue: 4 (December, 2016)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
Special issue in memory of Leiba Rodman (June 9, 1949. – March 2, 2015)   View View
10-46 G. J. Groenewald, D. B. Janse van Rensburg, A. C. M. Ran: A canonical form for H-unitary matrices 739–783 View View
10-47 Joseph A. Ball, Kevin F. Clancey, Victor Vinnikov: Meromorphic matrix trivializations of factors of automorphy over a Riemann surface 785–828 View View
10-48 Michael A. Dritschel, Michael T. Jury, Scott McCullough: Dilations and constrained algebras 829–861 View View
10-49 Hwa-Long Gau, Kuo-Zhong Wang, Pei Yuan Wu: Crawford numbers of companion matrices 863–880 View View
10-50 Alan Carey, Fritz Gesztesy, Galina Levitina, Fedor Sukochev: On the index of a non-Fredholm model operator 881–914 View View
10-51 Minghua Lin: Some inequalities for sector matrices 915–921 View View
10-52 Silvestru Sever Dragomir: Some Gröss' type inequalities for trace of operators in Hilbert spaces 923–943 View View
10-53 Chi-Kwong Li, Diane Christine Pelejo, Yiu-Tung Poon, Kuo-Zhong Wang: Minkowski product of convex sets and product numerical range 945–965 View View
10-54 Yongge Tian: Solutions of a constrained Hermitian matrix-valued function optimization problem with applications 967–983 View View
10-55 Clément de Seguins Pazzis: Lines of full rank matrices in large subspaces 985–996 View View
10-56 Alexander Sakhnovich: Inverse problems for self-adjoint Dirac systems: explicit solutions and stability of the procedure 997–1008 View View
10-57 M. A. Kaashoek, F. van Schagen: The Ellis-Gohberg inverse problem for matrix-valued Wiener functions on the line 1009–1042 View View
10-58 Ilya M. Spitkovsky, Stephan Weis: Pre-images of extreme points of the numerical range, and applications 1043–1058 View View
10-59 Anita Buckley: Indecomposable matrices defining plane cubics 1059–1072 View View
10-60 Volodymyr Derkach, Olena Sukhorukova: Generalized γ-generating matrices and Nehari-Takagi problem 1073–1091 View View
10-61 Travis Bemrose, Peter G. Casazza, Karlheinz Gr&x#f6;chenig, Mark C. Lammers, Richard G. Lynch: Weaving frames 1093–1116 View View
10-62 Robin E. Harte: On non commutative Taylor invertibility 1117–1131 View View