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Operators and Matrices

Volume: 12

Year: 2018


Issue: 3 (September, 2018)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
12-37 Ameur Yagoub, Mohamed Zarrabi: Semigroups of truncated Toeplitz operators 603–618 View View
12-38 Rafael del Rio, Luis O. Silva: Stability of determinacy and inverse spectral problems for Jacobi operators 619–641 View View
12-39 In Sung Hwang, An Hyun Kim: Jointly hyponormal block Toeplitz pairs with rational symbols 643–654 View View
12-40 Olof Giselsson: Half-centered operators 655–697 View View
12-41 S. H. Kulkarni, G. Ramesh: On the denseness of minimum attaining operators 699–709 View View
12-42 Tianpei Jiang, Hristo Sendov: On differentiability of a class of orthogonally invariant functions on several operator variables 711–721 View View
12-43 Anatoly G. Baskakov, Ilya A. Krishtal, Natalia B. Uskova: Linear differential operator with an involution as a generator of an operator group 723–756 View View
12-44 Mu Dan, Jiong Sun, Ji-Jun Ao, Junhui Xie: The modified Parseval equality of Sturm-Liouville problems with coupled boundary condition 757–771 View View
12-45 Alexey Kuznetsov: Using q-calculus to study LDLt factorization of a certain Vandermonde matrix 773–777 View View
12-46 Il Bong Jung, Eun Young Lee, Minjung Seo: Hyponormality of finite rank perturbations of normal operators 779–785 View View
12-47 Puyu Cui, Yufeng Lu, Yanyue Shi: Hyponormality of Toeplitz operators with polynomial symbols on the vector valued Bergman space 787–796 View View
12-48 Eric Ngondiep: How to determine the eigenvalues of g-circulant matrices 797–822 View View
12-49 Adolfo Ballester-Bolinches, Ramón Esteban-Romero, Vicente Pérez-Calabuig: A note on the rational canonical form of an endomorphism of a vector space of finite dimension 823–836 View View
12-50 Vladimir Strauss: On the weakly closed algebra generated by a unitary operator in a Pontryagin space 837–853 View View
12-51 Salah Herzi, Habib Marzougui: On supercyclicity for abelian semigroups of matrices on n 855–865 View View
12-52 H. Roopaei, D. Foroutannia: The norm of backward difference operator Δ on certain sequence spaces 867–880 View View
12-53 Radu Balan, Kasso A. Okoudjou, Anirudha Poria: On a problem by Hans Feichtinger 881–891 View View
12-54 John Dever: Eigenvalue sums of combinatorial magnetic Laplacians on finite graphs 893–902 View View