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Operators and Matrices

Volume: 13

Year: 2019


Issue: 1 (March, 2019)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
13-01 Tesfa Mengestie: Essential norm of the differential operator 1–18 View View
13-02 Jie Meng, Hyun-Min Kim: Normwise, mixed and componentwise condition numbers of matrix equation X-∑i=1pAiTXAi+∑j=1qBjTXBj=Q 19–34 View View
13-03 Amri Besma, Hammami Aymen: Orthonormal sequences and time frequency localization related to the Riemann-Liouville operator 35–59 View View
13-04 Matthew Fleeman, Constanze Liaw: Hyponormal Toeplitz operators with non-harmonic Symbol acting on the Bergman space 61–83 View View
13-05 Trieu Le: Self-commutator norm of hyponormal Toeplitz operators 85–91 View View
13-06 Titarii Wootijirattikal, Sing-Cheong Ong, Yongwimon Lenbury: Compactness of operator integrators 93–110 View View
13-07 Constantin Buşe, Donal O'Regan, Olivia Saierli: A surjectivity problem for 3 by 3 matrices 111–119 View View
13-08 Victor Chulaevsky: Towards localization in long-range continuous interactive Anderson models 121–153 View View
13-09 Yongjiang Duan, Shihao Pang, Siyu Wang: Propagation phenomena for mono-weakly hyponormal operator pairs 155–168 View View
13-10 Ching-On Lo, Anthony Wai-Keung Loh: Fredholm weighted composition operators 169–186 View View
13-11 Qianglian Huang, Mansour Saeed Ibrahim Adam, Jiu Ding, Lanping Zhu: All non-commuting solutions of the Yang-Baxter matrix equation for a class of diagonalizable matrices 187–195 View View
13-12 Mohammad B. Asadi, Z. Hassanpour-Yakhdani: Algebra-valued G-Frames in Hilbert C-modules 197–201 View View
13-13 Jian Shi: Extensions of Hiai-Lin type eigenvalue inequality 203–208 View View
13-14 Anuradha Gupta, Bhawna Gupta: Commutativity and spectral properties of kth-order slant little Hankel operators on the Bergman space 209–220 View View
13-15 Dinesh J. Karia, Kailash M. Patil, H. P. Singh: On the sum of powers of square matrices 221–229 View View
13-16 Marwa Belghith, Nedra Moalla, Ines Walha: On the essential spectra of unbounded operator matrices with non diagonal domain and an application 231–251 View View
13-17 Manil T. Mohan: On some p-almost Hadamard matrices 253–281 View View
13-18 Pedro S. Fagundes, Thiago C. de Mello: Images of multilinear polynomials of degree up to four on upper triangular matrices 283–292 View View
13-19 M. Chō, T. Prasad, M. H. M. Rashid, K. Tanahashi, A. Uchiyama: Fuglede-Putnam theorem and quasisimilarity of class p-wA(s,t) operators 293–299 View View