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Operators and Matrices

Volume: 13

Year: 2019


Issue: 4 (December, 2019)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
13-64 T. Prajapati, K. B. Sinha, S. Srivastava: Lyapunov property of positive C0-semigroups on non-commutative Lp spaces 907–919 View View
13-65 S. Sánchez-Perales, S. Palafox, S. V. Djordjević: α-Fredholm operators relative to invariant subspaces 921–936 View View
13-66 Công-Trình Lê, Thi-Hoa-Binh Du, Tran-Duc Nguyen: On the location of eigenvalues of matrix polynomials 937–954 View View
13-67 Bhagwati Prashad Duggal: Isolated eigenvalues, poles and compact perturbations of Banach space operators 955–973 View View
13-68 Jian Shi, Wei Ren: A generalized Lemos-Soares norm inequality 975–979 View View
13-69 Vitalii G. Kurbatov, Irina V. Kurbatova: Green's function of the problem of bounded solutions in the case of a block triangular coefficient 981–1001 View View
13-70 H. El-Azhar, A. Harrat, K. Idrissi, E. H. Zerouali: The quintic complex moment problem 1003–1022 View View
13-71 Fadime Dirik, Sevda Yıldız, Kamil Demirci: Abstract Korovkin theory for double sequences via power series method in modular spaces 1023–1034 View View
13-72 Hwa-Long Gau, Kuo-Zhong Wang, Pei Yuan Wu: Constant norms and numerical radii of matrix powers 1035–1054 View View
13-73 Olivier Arrigoni, Christian Le Merdy: H-functional calculus for commuting families of Ritt operators and sectorial operators 1055–1090 View View
13-74 Ben Lawrence: Examples for the quantum Kippenhahn theorem 1091–1124 View View
13-75 Abdon E. Choque-Rivero: The matrix Toda equations for coefficients of a matrix three-term recurrence relation 1125–1145 View View
13-76 Vishvesh Kumar, N. Shravan Kumar: Vector valued Fourier analysis on hypergroups 1147–1161 View View
13-77 Abderrahim Baghdad, Mohamed Chraibi Kaadoud: On the maximal numerical range of a hyponormal operator 1163–1171 View View
13-78 Mohamed Bendaoud, Ayyoub Benyouness, Mustapha Sarih: A note on preservers of pseudo spectrum of matrix products 1173–1190 View View
13-79 Ishfaq Ahmad Malik, Tanweer Jalal: Measures of noncompactness in (p,q) summable sequence spaces 1191–1205 View View