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Operators and Matrices

Volume: 14

Year: 2020


Issue: 3 (September, 2020)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
Differential Operators on Graphs and Waveguides, Graz, February 25 – March 1, 2019 Selected papers   View View
14-38 Pavel Kurasov, Jonathan Rohleder: Laplacians on bipartite metric graphs 535–553 View View
14-39 Markus Holzmann, Gerhard Unger: Boundary integral formulations of eigenvalue problems for elliptic differential operators with singular interactions and their numerical approximation by boundary element methods 555–599 View View
14-40 Olaf Post, Natalia Saburova: Schrödinger operators with potential waveguides on periodic graphs 601–634 View View
14-41 David Krejčiřík, Kateřina Zahradová: Quantum strips in higher dimensions 635–665 View View
14-42 Biagio Cassano, Vladimir Lotoreichik: Self-adjoint extensions of the two-valley Dirac operator with discontinuous infinite mass boundary conditions 667–678 View View
14-43 Olaf Post, Jan Simmer: Convergence of Laplacians on smooth spaces towards the fractal Sierpiński gasket 679–703 View View
14-44 Pavel Exner: Spectral optimization for singular Schrödinger operators 705–716 View View
14-45 Joachim Kerner: On the number of isolated eigenvalues of a pair of particles on the half-line 717–722 View View
14-46 Anna Muranova: On the notion of effective impedance 723–741 View View
14-47 Delio Mugnolo, Marvin Plümer: Lower estimates on eigenvalues of quantum graphs 743–765 View View
14-48 Daniela Maier: Breather solutions on discrete necklace graphs 767–776 View View