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Operators and Matrices

Volume: 14

Year: 2020


Issue: 4 (December, 2020)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
14-49 Haihui Fan, Don Hadwin, Wenjing Liu: An extension of the Beurling-Chen-Hadwin-Shen theorem for noncommutative Hardy spaces associated with finite von Neumann algebras 777–793 View View
14-50 S. Pirzada, Hilal A. Ganie, Bilal A. Chat: On real or integral skew Laplacian spectrum of digraphs 795–813 View View
14-51 Elvis Barakovic, Vedad Pasic: Analyzing the spectral (a)symmetry of the massless Dirac operator on the 3-torus 815–835 View View
14-52 Xuanhao Ding, Yueshi Qin, Yuanqi Sang: Harmonic Hardy space and their operators 837–855 View View
14-53 Chao Mei Liu: Commutativity of Toeplitz operators on the Bergman spaces of the unit disk 857–870 View View
14-54 Horst Behncke, Don Hinton: 𝒞-symmetric second order differential operators 871–908 View View
14-55 Jian Shi: A Hiai-Lin type log-majorization via block-matrices 909–914 View View
14-56 Lon Mitchell: A note on Bapat's q-permanent conjecture 915–919 View View
14-57 Miao He, Jinsong Leng, Dongwei Li, Yuxiang Xu: Operator representations of K-frames: boundedness and stability 921–934 View View
14-58 Xunxiang Guo: Operator parameterizations of frame generators and generalized dual pair of frame generators of unitary systems 935–949 View View
14-59 Paweł Wójcik: Semi-smooth points in space of operators on Hilbert space 951–958 View View
14-60 Chunhong Fu, Mohammad Sal Moslehian, Qingxiang Xu, Ali Zamani: Factorization and range inclusion of adjointable operators on the weighted Hilbert C-modules 959–969 View View
14-61 Vladimir Strauss: On a functional calculus for unitary operators in Pontryagin spaces 971–999 View View
14-62 Agnes Radl, Manfred P. H. Wolff: Topological properties of the block numerical range of operator matrices 1001–1014 View View
14-63 Cong Trinh Le: Tracial moment problems on hypercubes 1015–1027 View View
14-64 Fernando Pablos Romo: Group inverse of finite potent endomorphisms on arbitrary vector spaces 1029–1042 View View
14-65 S. Blake Allan, Justin Hanbin Kim, Gregory Michajlyszyn, Roger Nichols, Don Rung: Explicit Krein resolvent identities for singular Sturm-Liouville operators with applications to Bessel operators 1043–1099 View View
14-66 David Damanik, Rafael del Rio, Asaf L. Franco: Random Sturm-Liouville operators with generalized point interactions 1101–1125 View View