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Operators and Matrices

Volume: 15

Year: 2021


Issue: 4 (December, 2021)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
15-76 Aniket Bhanja, Pintu Bhunia, Kallol Paul: On generalized Davis-Wielandt radius inequalities of semi-Hilbertian space operators 1201–1225 View View
15-77 Manideepa Saha: On some generalized inverses of M-matrices 1227–1240 View View
15-78 Jiawen Ding, Jiu Ding: An eigenvector-eigenvalue-identity for matrices with a non-semi-simple eigenvalue 1241–1256 View View
15-79 Asmahan E. Alajyan, Jonathan R. Partington: Weighted operator-valued function spaces applied to the stability of delay systems 1257–1266 View View
15-80 Thanin Quartz, Ilya M. Spitkovsky: On the Stampfli point of some operators and matrices 1267–1287 View View
15-81 T. Bottazzi, C. Conde: Generalized numerical radius and related inequalities 1289–1308 View View
15-82 Mehrdad Golabi, Kourosh Nourouzi: Banach weak topology on Hilbert C-modules 1309–1317 View View
15-83 Rytis Juršėnas: The A-model with mutually equal model parameters can lead to a Hilbert space model 1319–1336 View View
15-84 Don Hadwin, Wenjing Liu: Path-connected closure of unitary orbits 1337–1350 View View
15-85 Eric Evert: The Arveson boundary of a free quadrilateral is given by a noncommutative variety 1351–1378 View View
15-86 H. R. Moradi, S. Furuichi, Z. Heydarbeygi, M. Sababheh: Revisiting the Grüss inequality 1379–1392 View View
15-87 Koen van den Dungen, Lennart Ronge: The APS-index and the spectral flow 1393–1416 View View
15-88 Lei Liu, Meiyue Liu: On Jordan biderivations of triangular rings 1417–1426 View View
15-89 Rongfang Li, Deyu Wu, Alatancang Chen: Some general quadratic numerical radius inequalities for the off-diagonal parts of 2 ⨉ 2 block operator matrices 1427–1444 View View
15-90 Ramiz Tapdigoglu, Mehmet Gürdal, Najla Altwaijry, Nur Sarı: Davis-Wielandt-Berezin radius inequalities via Dragomir inequalities 1445–1460 View View
15-91 Maliheh Hosseini, Juan J. Font: Local and 2-local isometries between absolutely continuous function spaces 1461–1468 View View
15-92 Charalampos Magiatis: Characterizations of elementary operators 1469–1475 View View
15-93 E. H. Benabdi, M. Barraa, M. K. Chraibi, A. Baghdad: Maximal numerical range and quadratic elements in a C-algebra 1477–1487 View View
15-94 Xin Hou: Every real symplectic matrix is a product of commutators of real symplectic involutions 1489–1504 View View
15-95 Josué I. Rios-Cangas: Canonical decomposition for dissipative linear relations 1505–1519 View View
15-96 Gregory T. Adams, Nathan A. Wagner: A functional decomposition of finite bandwidth reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces 1521–1539 View View
15-97 Dao Van Duong, Ngo Thi Hong: Multilinear Hausdorff operator and commutators on weighted Morrey and Herz spaces 1541–1557 View View
15-98 Constantin Buşe, Donal O'Regan, Olivia Saierli: Erratum to "A surjectivity problem for 3 by 3 matrices, Operator and Matrices, 13, no. 1, (2019) 111–119" 1559–1561 View View
15-99 Dijana Mosić, Honglin Zou: Extension of generalized strong Drazin inverse 1563–1573 View View
15-100 Theophilus Agama: The outer product and outer product space 1575–1580 View View
15-101 Shaymaa Al-shakarch, Ian Doust: Isomorphisms of BV(σ) spaces 1581–1596 View View
15-102 Xingxing Yao: Complex symmetry of weighted composition operators on a Hilbert space of Dirichlet series 1597–1606 View View