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Operators and Matrices

Volume: 16

Year: 2022


Issue: 4 (December, 2022)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
16-63 Satish K. Pandey: Universally symmetric norming operators are compact 941–960 View View
16-64 Morteza Sohrabi: Some results on cauchy dual of conditional type operators 961–974 View View
16-65 Jianguo Zhao: Notes on majorizations for singular values 975–987 View View
16-66 Tiezheng Li, Vyacheslav Pivovarchik, Guangsheng Wei: An inverse Sturm-Liouville problem from parts of three spectra 989–1004 View View
16-67 Weige Xi, Ligong Wang: On the Aɑ spectral radius of strongly connected digraphs 1005–1026 View View
16-68 Bao Laiyou, Suyalatu Wulede: Weak-star dentability, quasi-weak-star near dentability and continuity of metric projector in Banach spaces 1027–1039 View View
16-69 Jonathan Breuer, Matthias Keller: Erratum to Spectral analysis of certain spherically homogeneous graphs, Operators and Matrices, 7 (2013), 825–847 1041–1044 View View
16-70 Hanen Damak, Mohamed Ali Hammami, Khouloud Maaloul: Stability analysis for non-autonomous semilinear evolution equations in Hilbert spaces: A practical approach 1045–1062 View View
16-71 Hiroaki Niikuni: Spectra of graphenes with variant edges 1063–1095 View View
16-72 Asha Ram Gairola, Amrita Singh, Laxmi Rathour, Vishnu Narayan Mishra: Improved rate of approximation by modification of Baskakov operator 1097–1123 View View
16-73 Don Hadwin, Kenneth J. Harrison: Atomic lattices of subspaces of an arbitrary vector space and associated operator algebras 1125–1137 View View
16-74 Ren-yu Chen, Zi-cong Yang, Ze-hua Zhou: Unitary, self-adjoint and 𝒥-symmetric weighted composition operators on Fock-Sobolev spaces 1139–1154 View View
16-75 Bikshan Chakraborty, Sarita Ojha, Riddhick Birbonshi: Numerical radii of weighted shift operators using determinantal polynomials 1155–1174 View View
16-76 Alexander Sakhnovich: Explicit solutions of matrix and dynamical Schrödinger equations and of KdV equation in terms of square roots of the generalised matrix eigenvalues 1175–1184 View View
16-77 Nurulla Azamov, Edward McDonald, Fedor Sukochev, Dmitriy Zanin: The density of states depends on the domain 1185–1189 View View
16-78 Adrian Fan, Jack Montemurro, Pavlos Motakis, Naina Praveen, Alyssa Rusonik, Paul Skoufranis, Noam Tobin: Restricted invertibility of continuous matrix functions 1191–1217 View View
16-79 Deguang Han, Qianfeng Hu, Rui Liu: Generalized Choi-Kraus dilations of linear maps between matrix algebras 1219–1237 View View
16-80 C. S. Kubrusly, P. C. M. Vieira, J. Zanni: Erratum/Addendum to “Powers of posinormal operators”, Operators and Matrices 10 (2016), 15–27 1239–1242 View View