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Operators and Matrices

Volume: 17

Year: 2023


Issue: 4 (December, 2023)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
17-59 Victor Chulaevsky: Surface localization in impurity band with arbitrary singular disorder and long-range potentials 875–900 View View
17-60 Travis B. Russell: A synchronous NPA hierarchy with applications 901–924 View View
17-61 Jianxiang Dong, Chunxu Xu, Yufeng Lu: Positive operator-valued Toeplitz operators on vector-valued generalized Fock spaces 925–938 View View
17-62 Lei Liu, Zhixuan Chen: Nonadditive commuting mappings on triangular n-matrix rings 939–952 View View
17-63 Yaru Qi, Wenwen Qiu, Carsten Trunk, Mitsuru Wilson: Spectral inclusion property for a class of block operator matrices 953–966 View View
17-64 George Hutchinson: Scaling positive definite matrices to achieve prescribed eigenpairs 967–994 View View
17-65 Zuoling Liu: Order boundedness and essential norm of generalized weighted composition operators on Bergman spaces with doubling weights 995–1009 View View
17-66 Ravinder Kumar, Vidhi Bhatia: Some inequalities for eigenvalues and positive linear maps 1011–1022 View View
17-67 Shu-Wen Ko, Cheng-Kai Liu: Commuting maps on strictly upper triangular matrix rings 1023–1036 View View
17-68 Xiaohui Li, Yonghua Guo, Chunyan Deng: Certain properties of T-EP operators 1037–1051 View View
17-69 Miao He, Jinsong Leng: Some properties of exact phase retrievable subspaces 1053–1064 View View
17-70 XinRan Liu, Deyu Wu: The essential spectrum equalities of 2×2 unbounded upper triangular operator matrices 1065–1076 View View
17-71 Bikshan Chakraborty, Sarita Ojha, Riddhick Birbonshi: Numerical radii of weighted shift matrices with palindromic weights using determinantal polynomials 1077–1092 View View
17-72 Mao Xiao, Junming Liu, Yutian Wu: Composition operators and the closure of Dirichlet-Morrey spaces in the Bloch space 1093–1108 View View
17-73 Lian Hu, Songxiao Li, Rong Yang: Generalized weighted composition operators on weighted Hardy spaces 1109–1124 View View
17-74 Junhao Zhang, Xin Zou, Zhongxun Zhu: Some results on matrices with respect to resistance distance 1125–1138 View View
17-75 Yi Zhao, Mingquan Wei, Jiang Zhou: CBMO estimates for some multilinear operators on mixed Herz spaces 1139–1165 View View
17-76 Andrea Posilicano, Linda Reginato: D2=H+¼ with point interactions 1167–1190 View View