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Operators and Matrices

Volume: 7

Year: 2013


Issue: 2 (June, 2013)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
07-15 Fritz Gesztesy, R. Weikard, Maxim Zinchenko: Initial value problems and Weyl-Titchmarsh theory for Schrödinger operators with operator-valued potentials 241–283 View View
07-16 Catalin Badea, Michel Crouzeix: Numerical radius and distance from unitary operators 285–292 View View
07-17 Jadranka Mićić, Josip Pečarić, Jurica Perić: Refined Jensen's operator inequality with condition on spectra 293–308 View View
07-18 Kunal K. Mukherjee: Weak asymptotic homomorphism property for masas in semifinite factors 309–321 View View
07-19 Oscar Rojo, Ricardo L. Soto: A new upper bound on the largest normalized Laplacian eigenvalue 323–332 View View
07-20 Qihui Li, Junhao Shen: Unital full amalgamated free products of MF C*-algebras 333–355 View View
07-21 Peter Lancaster, Uwe Prells, Ion Zaballa: An orthogonality property for real symmetric matrix polynomials with application to the inverse problem 357–379 View View
07-22 Christian Mehl, Volker Mehrmann, André C. M. Ran, Leiba Rodman: Jordan forms of real and complex matrices under rank one perturbations 381–398 View View
07-23 Yanbo Li, Leon van Wyk, Feng Wei: Jordan derivations and antiderivations of generalized matrix algebras 399–415 View View
07-24 Florin Pop: On cyclic vectors and thin von Neumann algebras 417–424 View View
07-25 Weihua Li: The similarity degree of approximately divisible C*-algebras 425–430 View View
07-26 Mustafa Akkurt, Emira Akkurt, George P. Barker: Automorphisms of structural matrix algebras 431–439 View View
07-27 Bin Meng: Operator-valued frame generators for group-like unitary systems 441–464 View View
07-28 Hwa-Long Gau, Pei Yuan Wu: Numerical ranges and compressions of Sn-matrices 465–476 View View