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Operators and Matrices

Volume: 9

Year: 2015


Issue: 2 (June, 2015)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
09-15 Ivan Veselić, Krešimir Veselić: Spectral gap estimates for some block matrices 241–275 View View
09-16 Valentin Matache: On spectra of composition operators 277–303 View View
09-17 Willian Franca: Commuting traces on invertible and singular operators 305–310 View View
09-18 Hui Qu, Guihai Yu, Lihua Feng: More on the minimum skew-rank of graphs 311–324 View View
09-19 Martín Argerami, Douglas Farenick: C-envelopes of Jordan operator systems 325–341 View View
09-20 Antonio M. Peralta: A note on 2-local representations of C-algebras 343–358 View View
09-21 Franz Hanauska: On the closure of the discrete spectrum of nuclearly perturbed operators 359–364 View View
09-22 Sen Zhu: Complex symmetric triangular operators 365–381 View View
09-23 Saliha Pehlivan, Deguang Han, Ram Mohapatra: Spectrally two-uniform frames for erasures 383–399 View View
09-24 Constantin Costara: Automatic continuity for linear surjective maps compressing the point spectrum 401–405 View View
09-25 Amol Sasane: Noncoherence of the multiplier algebra of the Drury-Arveson space H2n for n≥3 407–416 View View
09-26 Gholamreza Aghamollaei, Sharifeh Rezagholi: Higher rank numerical hulls of matrices and matrix polynomials 417–431 View View
09-27 Ana C. Conceição, Rui C. Marreiros: On the kernel of a singular integral operator with non-Carleman shift and conjugation 433–456 View View
09-28 Teodor Banica: The glow of Fourier matrices: universality and fluctuations 457–474 View View
09-29 Koenraad M. R. Audenaert: Interpolating between the arithmetic-geometric mean and Cauchy-Schwarz matrix norm inequalities 475–479 View View