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Operators and Matrices

Forthcoming articles

Article number Authors / Title Full Article
oam-1279 Hwa-Long Gau, Kuo-Zhong Wang, Pei Yuan Wu Crawford numbers of companion matrices View
oam-1287 Alan Carey, Fritz Gesztesy, Galina Levitina, Fedor Sukochev On the index of a non-Fredholm model operator View
oam-1295 Minghua Lin Some inequalities for sector matrices View
oam-1297 Silvestru Sever Dragomir Some Grüss' type inequalities for trace of operators in Hilbert spaces View
oam-1321 Chi-Kwong Li, Diane Christine Pelejo, Yiu-Tung Poon, Kuo-Zhong Wang Minkowski product of convex sets and product numerical range View
oam-1330 Yongge Tian Solutions of a constrained Hermitian matrix-valued function optimization problem with applications View
oam-1343 Changjing Li, Fangyan Lu 2-local Lie isomorphisms of nest algebras View
oam-1364 Clément de Seguins Pazzis Lines of full rank matrices in large subspaces View
oam-1392 Mohammad Sababheh Log and harmonically log-convex functions related to matrix norms View
oam-1399 Bernhard Burgstaller Inverse semigroup equivariant KK-theory and C*-extensions View
oam-1400 Yu Wang On functional identities of degree $2$ and centralizing maps in triangular rings View
oam-1416 Volodymyr Derkach, Olena Sukhorukova Generalized γ-generating matrices and Nehari-Takagi problem View