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Operators and Matrices

Forthcoming articles

Article number Authors / Title Full Article
oam-0913 Rodica-Mihaela Dăneţ, Marian-Valentin Popescu and Nicoleta Popescu Simultaneous extensions of a family of linear operators View
oam-0939 Lajos Molnár, Peter Šemrl and Ahmed Ramzi Sourour Bilocal automorphisms View
oam-0945 G. Krishna Kumar and S. H. Lui Pseudospectrum and condition spectrum View
oam-0951 A. Bátkai, Á. Havasi, R. Horváth, D. Kunszenti-Kovács and P. L. Simon PDE approximation of large systems of differential equations View
oam-0961 Florin Pop On the double commutant expectation property for operator systems View
oam-0965 Hoger Ghahramani Jordan derivations on block upper triangular matrix algebras View
oam-0966 Willian Franca Commuting traces on invertible and singular operators View
oam-1018 Wasin So and Changqing Xu A simple sufficient condition for complete positivity View
oam-1026 Béla Nagy Orthonormal Jordan bases in finite dimensional Hilbert spaces View
oam-1028 A. M. Simões A transmission problem for the Helmholtz equation with higher order boundary conditions View
oam-1041 Kamila Kliś-Garlicka and Marek Ptak C-symmetric operators and reflexivity View