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Operators and Matrices

Forthcoming articles

Article number Authors / Title Full Article
oam-12-55 Dahmane Achour, Elhadj Dahia, M. A. S. Saleh Multilinear mixing operators and Lipschitz mixing operator ideals View
oam-12-56 H. Benbouziane, Y. Bouramdane, M. Ech-Cherif El Kettani, A. Lahssaini Nonlinear maps preserving condition spectrum of Jordan skew triple product of operators View
oam-12-57 Vali M. Kurbanov, Afsana M. Abdullayeva Bessel property and basicity of the system of root vector-functions of Dirac operator with summable coefficient View
oam-12-58 Mustafa Yildirim, Mohammad Mursaleen, Çağla Doğan The Spectrum and fine spectrum of generalized Rhaly-Cesàro matrices on c_0 and c View
oam-12-59 Jeremy Levick, Robert T. W. Martin Matrix N-dilations of quantum channels View
oam-12-60 Mahsa Fatehi, Mahmood Haji Shaabani Norms of hyponormal weighted composition operators on the Hardy and weighted Bergman spaces View
oam-12-61 S. S. Dragomir Quadratic weighted geometric mean in Hermitian unital Banach *-algebras View
oam-12-62 Chunyuan Deng, Rufang Liu The existence and expressions of the inverse along operators B and C View
oam-12-63 Yun-Zhang Li, Wei Zhang F_a-frame and Riesz sequences in L^2(R_+) View
oam-12-64 Leila Nasiri, Wenshi Liao The new reverses of Young type inequalities for numbers, operators and matrices View
oam-12-65 Mostafa Hassanlou Operator-weighted composition operators on vector-valued Bloch spaces View
oam-12-66 Ryotaro Tanaka Complementarity of subspaces of l_∞ revisited View
oam-12-67 Valmir Bucaj The Kunz-Souillard approach to localization for Jacobi operators View
oam-12-68 Don Hadwin, Rui Shi A note on representations of commutative C*-algebras in semifinite von Neumann algebras View
oam-12-69 Xiaohong Cao, Jiong Dong, Junhui Liu Weyl's theorem and its perturbations for the functions of operators View
oam-12-70 Hashem Al Sabi, Issam Louhichi On the commutativity of Toeplitz operators with harmonic symbols View
oam-12-71 Maofa Wang, Xin Guo Difference of composition operators on the Bergman spaces over the ball View
oam-12-72 M. A. Kaashoek, F. van Schagen Errata for "The Ellis-Gohberg inverse problem for matrix-valued Wiener functions on the line" View
oam-13-01 Tesfa Mengestie Essential norm of the differential operator View
oam-13-02 Jie Meng, Hyun-Min Kim Normwise, mixed and componentwise condition numbers of matrix equation X-\sum_{i=1}^pA_i^TXA_i+\sum_{j=1}^qB_j^TXB_j=Q View
oam-13-03 Amri Besma, Hammami Aymen Orthonormal sequences and time frequency localization related to the Riemann-Liouville operator View
oam-13-04 Matthew Fleeman, Constanze Liaw Hyponormal Toeplitz operators with non-harmonic Symbol acting on the Bergman space View
oam-13-05 Trieu Le Self-commutator norm of hyponormal Toeplitz operators View