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Operators and Matrices

Forthcoming articles

Article number Authors / Title Full Article
oam-0602 Don Hadwin Approximate double commutants in von Neumann algebras and C*-algebras View
oam-0625 Bo Zhang, Yufeng Lu Commuting of block dual Toeplitz operators View
oam-0633 Nejc Širovnik, Joso Vukman On certain functional equation related to a class of generalized inner derivations View
oam-0730 Volker Mehrmann, Lena Scholz Self-conjugate differential and difference operators arising in the optimal control of descriptor systems View
oam-0740 Qian Zhang, Guoxing Ji Star partial order-hereditary subspaces in B(H) View
oam-0744 Sungeun Jung, Eungil Ko, Ji Eun Lee Properties of complex symmetric operators View
oam-0765 H. S. Mustafayev The behavior of the orbits of power bounded operators View
oam-0766 Yingli Hou, Kui Ji On the extended holomorphic curves on C*-algebras View
oam-0775 Timothy Leake, Brian Lins, Ilya M. Spitkovsky Pre-images of boundary points of the numerical range View
oam-0780 Anar Dosi Injectivity in the quantum space framework View
oam-0785 Miroslav Fiedler, Frank J. Hall, Mikhail Stroev Permanents, determinants, and generalized complementary basic matrices View
oam-0788 John Jasper Tight projections of frames on infinite dimensional Hilbert spaces View
oam-0810 Pudji Astuti, Harald K. Wimmer Linear transformations with characteristic subspaces that are not hyperinvariant View
oam-0818 Zhiping Xiong, Yingying Qin The weighted Moore-Penrose inverse for sum of matrices View
oam-0826 Hoger Ghahramani On derivations and Jordan derivations through zero products View
oam-0830 Xin Li, Wei Wu Completely positive linear maps on maximal and minimal operator system structures View
oam-0831 He Yuan, Yao Wang, Yu Wang, Yiqiu Du Strong commutativity preserving generalized derivations on triangular rings View
oam-0832 Nadia Boudi, Martin Mathieu Locally quasi-nilpotent elementary operators View
oam-0833 B. Fritzsche, B. Kirstein, I. Ya. Roitberg, A. L. Sakhnovich Discrete Dirac system: rectangular Weyl functions, direct and inverse problems View
oam-0837 Zhankui Xiao, Feng Wei Commuting traces and Lie isomorphisms on generalized matrix algebras View
oam-0839 Gang Meng, Kaiming Shen, Ping Yan, Meirong Zhang Strong continuity of the Lidstone eigenvalues of the Beam equation in potentials View
oam-0846 Nejc Širovnik, Joso Vukman On functional equations related to derivations and bicircular projections View
oam-0852 Vadym Adamyan, José Luis Iserte, Igor M. Tkachenko, Gumersindo Verdú Norms of positive definite Toeplitz matrices and detection of almost periodic components in random signals View
oam-0863 Il Bong Jung, Eun Young Lee Rank-one perturbations of normal operators and hyponormality View
oam-0866 Jung-Jin Lee Conditions C_p, C'_p, and C''_p for p-operator spaces View
oam-0868 Isabelle Chalendar and Dan Timotin Commutation relations for truncated Toeplitz operators View
oam-0897 Dumitru Popa 2-summing operators on l_2(X) View
oam-0904 Ondrej Hutník, Mária Hutníková Toeplitz operators on Poly-analytic spaces via time-scale analysis View
oam-0908 Geoffrey R. Goodson Spectral properties of normal operators having symmetries arising from conjugations View
oam-0912 Stephen Drury, Minghua Lin Singular value inequalities for matrices with numerical ranges in a sector View
oam-0914 Zhidong Pan Derivable maps and generalized derivations View
oam-0919 Agnes Radl, Christiane Tretter, Markus Wagenhofer The block numerical range of analytic operator functions View
oam-0933 Maria Joiţa A Radon-Nikodym type theorem for $\alpha $-completely positive maps on groups View
oam-0935 Alexei Yu. Karlovich, Yuri I. Karlovich, Amarino B. Lebre Fredholmness and index of simplest singular integral operators with two slowly oscillating shifts View
oam-0943 Nahum Krupnik On the inverse-closedness of matrix subalgebras View
oam-0947 Junliang Wu, Jianguo Zhao Some inequalities for unitarily invariant norms View
oam-0965 Hoger Ghahramani Jordan derivations on block upper triangular matrix algebras View